My first post

This is my first blog, so let me introduce myself. My name is Arthur Teplitzki and I am currently a software developer at Jive Software. I'm part of a very small team working on developing an Outlook Add-in.
The reason I decided to start a blog is that sometimes I run into problems, problems that turns to be hard problems, problems that take me a lot of time to solve. All because I didn't find anyone else out there that faced the same problem and wrote about it. So I decided to help the next guy, if some poor fellow will find my blog and it will save him some headache, I will be a happy blogger.
I don't work on infrastructure, framework or cutting edge crap so my posts will be down to earth dev problems I encounter. And because I love to dig deep to know the soft underbelly of the problem I can write something interesting about it. That said I don't always find the best solution or the source of the problem, I'm just human, so always read it with a grain of salt.


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