Setting HTML/Text to Clipboard revisited

After getting feedback that my original clipboard code doesn't handle all scenarios, especially with Chrome, I went back to the code to get a better understand of what's going on and find the correct way to set plain text and HTML snippet to clipboard.


  • Setting plain text and html data.
  • Unicode support for plain text.
  • Clipboard HTML format
    • Version.
    • Parts start/end offsets.
    • StartFragment/EndFragment comments.
    • <html> and <body> elements.
    • Unicode handling.

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Setting HTML and plain text formatting to clipboard

Working on adding text selection and copy-paste to HTML Renderer I wanted to add rich text copy capability.
My first thought was to use Clipboard.SetText method with TextDataFormat.Html but to my surprise it just didn’t work. Turning to Google I finally found this post, harder to find than what I expected, that explained what needs to be done.
Apparently when setting html text you need to provide a header with additional information to what fragment of the html you actually want to paste while being able to provide additional styling around it:
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